WTG LPS Testing

The testing of the Lightning Protection System on Wind Turbines is something often overlooked and by not having a fully functioning system could result in catastrophic failure and damage, leading to expensive repairs, replacement and risk to human life.

Until recently, the only method for carrying out the LPS tests was using rope access, which can be lengthly, costly and dangerous.

By using drones and its possible to dramatically speeds up the inspection process over abseiling and deploying rope access teams from the nacelle

Drone based LPS
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Megger are at the forefront of resistance testing technology and by combining drone autonomy with this technology we are able to perform efficient and reliable tests- time after time.

Like our other NDT based visual inspection solutions, results from tests can be uploaded to one place- BladeStation® from Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories, combing all Non-Destructive Testing techniques in one place.

Insurance and warranty claims will also require that Lightning Protection Systems are regularly tested, as in the event of a claim, if the system did not perform due to malfunction and had not been tested at the recommended intervals, this claim could end up void,- resulting in the customer having to pay out large sums of money for repair or replacement.

Drone based LPS Test
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Drone LPS System
Drone Based Lightning Protection Testing for Wind Turbines
  • Satisfy the requirements of Insurance and Warranty Claims
  • Prevent huge repair costs and risk to life
  • All results available in one place with all NDT based testing
  • Results relevant to your customers
  • Over 80% faster than rope access
  • Consistency
  • Process is highly repeatable for future checks
  • High level of automation
  • Typically safer than  standard rope access methods
  • More blades tested per day
  • Combine with visual blade inspections by UAV
Wind Turbine Blade Lightning Strike