Offshore WTG Inspections

Wind Turbine rotor blades are subject to a multitude of elements throughout their lifetime. Regular visual inspections are key, but costly and a blanket approach to blade inspections won’t cut it. That is why we have adopted a cutting edge platform – a flexible, customisable solution that adapts to customers’ needs and various scenarios, and manages the inspection process from start to finish.

Offshore Operations

One aspect of offshore inspections requires an integral involvement with an offshore vessel operator.

Drone Inspect have partnered CTV operator HST Marine to provide an unrivalled offshore inspection service, including:

  • Visual Blade Inspections (External)
  • Internal Blade Inspections
  • Lightning Protection System testing by Drone
  • ROV Underwater operations

This allows customers to have an integral solution from one partner, providing peace of mind that the drone operators and vessel operators are strategically linked.

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Working offshore presents many additional challenges to working onshore. The continuous and unpredictable vessel movements can create an unstable working platform for drones and will often interfere with their own onboard sensors

Keeping things stabilised

The offshore Stabilisation Mount from. Leading Edge Robotics ( provides a real-time reactive pitch and roll solution, to ensure the drone continually stays level, regardless of what the vessel is doing.

Quick and easy to deploy, with various TOaL (Take Off and Landing) pad options available, the portable system is simple to deploy in any offshore environment, helping increase weather windows, reduce the need for hand catching and launching, negating safety issues.

The LE Robotics OSM
  • Top data quality
  • Rigorous inspections yielding authoritative data
  • 100% blade coverage – no blank spots
  • Comprehensive info on blade health
  • Results relevant to your customers
  • Centralized data management
  • Consistency
  • Process is highly repeatable for future checks
  • Advanced defect recognition
  • Better trend analysis based on accumulative data
  • Higher productivity levels
  • High level of automation
  • Ease of use
  • More blades inspected per day
  • More blades assessed per hour
Wind Turbine blade from Drone inspection

All of our drone pilots and assistants working offshore carry full GWO certification, including sea survival and hub rescue