WTG Rotor Inspections

Wind Turbine rotor blades are subject to a multitude of elements throughout their lifetime. Regular visual inspections are key, but costly and a blanket approach to blade inspections won’t cut it. That is why we have adopted a cutting edge platform – a flexible, customisable solution that adapts to customers’ needs and various scenarios, and manages the inspection process from start to finish.

The nuts and bolts: how the system works

The entire inspection process – from planning to execution and generating reports on defects – is managed via a combination of autonomous flight drones and cutting-edge software tools for pre- and post-inspection data treatment. The UAVs are equipped with cameras and sensors that autonomously examine a wind turbine in less than one hour at the push of a button – absolutely no pilot intervention is required, making every inspection precise and highly repeatable. Image quality is paramount: the UAV’s high-res cameras capture every square millimetre of the rotor blade. Following this, AI-aided analysis tools scan each and every image, thereby making the spotting and assessment of defects highly efficient. The data is then compiled into a report, which you generate at a click of a mouse.

More control and quality during the data acquisition process
The autonomous flight components put you in charge: as a UAV operator, now you have the tools to capture every millimeter of a rotor blade – efficiently and consistently, time and again. All flight paths, camera and sensor settings are predefined in advance of an inspection flight. The quality of the data acquisition no longer relies on the skill and experience of a UAV pilot. In addition, given the throughput of the system, a high level of efficiency is attained, allowing you to take on more inspection contracts.

Deeper expertise as a selling point

Our image analysis tools give you peace of mind: as a blade expert, your customers depend on your judgement. You will appreciate the consistency and quality of the inspection images and the cutting-edge analysis tools, aided by Artificial Intelligence, which will shorten the time you need to assess the image data and produce a detailed defect report, all while adhering to the highest quality standards. Be the go-to resource for all insight on blade defects.

  • Top data quality
  • Rigorous inspections yielding authoritative data
  • 100% blade coverage – no blank spots
  • Comprehensive info on blade health
  • Results relevant to your customers
  • Centralized data management
  • Consistency
  • Process is highly repeatable for future checks
  • Advanced defect recognition
  • Better trend analysis based on accumulative data
  • Higher productivity levels
  • High level of automation
  • Ease of use
  • More blades inspected per day
  • More blades assessed per hour
Wind Turbine blade from Drone inspection

All of our drone pilots and assistants working onshore carry full GWO certification, including hub rescue