Solar PV Thermal Inspections

With the latest Thermal Imaging technology from FLIR, we can carry out full thermal inspections, including Solar Farm Assets- scanning the arrays for defects much faster than using a thermal camera on the ground, ensuring that the sites continue to run as efficiently as possible.

A radiometric thermal camera can help identify manufacturing defects, cracks, faulty inter-connectors, defective bypass diodes and temporary shadowing.

full thermal, RGB and NIR imaging of the site is carried out in both video, high-quality stills and radiometric jpeg format to produce full reports allowing energy companies to assess the throughput and efficiency of the site in question.

using our customized drones fitted with thermal and RGB sensors, we can fly in higher wind conditions than many standard models of UAV.

With the aircraft and payloads being fully IP rated, this allows improved response times and avoids delays due to poor weather conditions

Solar farms are typically very large installations and a drone equipped with an appropriate thermal camera will be able to scan the site for defects much faster than using a thermal camera on the ground.

All flights are conducted autonomously and pre-planned before arriving on site meaning less time is spent flying and more time is spent analysing and processing data using our own developed AI Algorithms.

What’s more, direct site access within the array compounds are not required, reducing the need for engineers to attend site with us.

Drone Inspect are also working becoming to become certified to the BE EN ISO 18436 Standard.

All PV Thermography surveys are carried out in accordance with the BS EN ISO 62446-3 Standard.