Emergency Response and SAR

The use of UAV’s within the Emergency Services to assist with first response has become an essential toolset. The ability to deploy Drones in a matter of minutes and view areas, which could be hazardous or inaccessible to first response crew potentially reduces loss of life and enables responder crew to attend the scene better prepared, especially with the use of Thermal imaging cameras and high power LED spotlights.

Typical users for this platform:

  • Police Surveillance
  • Fire Service
  • Coastguard Rescue
  • Disaster Response
  • Search and Rescue
  • Deploy into temporary command centres in minutes to collect data from all pilots in the field
  • Increase safety with software’s terrain following and 3D map features to fly at any terrain type
  • More effectively conduct SAR operations using automatic search pattern tool
  • Achieve result faster being able to manage multiple drones simultaneously

With our cutting edge video streaming platform- Command and Control, which we host on our own dedicated servers we are able to provide live videos feeds from the locations, either back to a control room, or to mobile units on site.

The operator in the control room is able to fully control the camera payloads on any of the connected drones remotely, enabling the UAV pilot to focus on flying the aircraft and the operator to monitor and analyse the video feed.