As Renewable Energy and Industrial Asset Specialists we carry out Commercial and Industrial UAV work across the UK and Europe using the latest Multi-rotor Drone technology from DJI, SSL and Flyability.

Renewable Energy is our thing...

  • WTG Rotor Blade Inspections
  • WTG Internal Blade Inspections
  • WTG Tower Inspections
  • Confined Space Inspections
  • Solar PV Inspections
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Night work- Including SAR

As a business we are continuously innovating and developing new technology to make the process of flying drones- autonomously and manually a safer and more efficient process. Rest assured you are in safe hands.

We call that Aerial Perfection.

Keeping theme parks on track...

Amusement Park rides are assets which have to undergo strict regime of inspections on a regular basis.

The steel structures are subject to continuous kinetic stresses and a whole host of different atmospheric conditions. Therefore various methods of Non-Destructive Testing are needed to ensure the safe and continuous use of these assets.

By utilising our latest and cutting-edge drone technology, we are able to carry out visual inspections in hard to reach places, mitigating the need for rope access and platforms. Further more, Ultrasonic Testing can also be carried out using drone technology, providing instant results- on the ground

  • Visual RGB Inspections
  • Thermal Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Bolt Inspections

Keeping thrill-seekers safe.

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