Theme Park Ride Inspections

The inspection of Amusement Park rides is something that has evolved more and more over the years, due to past accidents and increasingly stringiest maintenance guidelines set by the HSE. Poor maintenance of these assets puts park visitors and operatives at risk and increases the chances of catastrophic failure.

Rope access methods are the most common techniques used for personnel to inspect these now vast, highly elevated structures- especially roller coasters. Unlike Wind Turbines, these assets normally have to be accessed via rope and tether from the ground up, or via lift-hill gantry, therefore the exposure to working at height risks is greatly increased from the outset.

Its crucial that these rope access situations are reduced and other methods of NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) are used instead. This way we are reducing the number of times these individuals have to risk their lives and that working at height methods are only used as a ‘reactive’ form of access.

Using the latest in collision-tolerant drone technology, we are able to fly into confined spaces and accurately take high resolution video and images and even thermal data, whilst visual locked on to the surface we are looking at.

The Advanced oblique lighting system allows us to look at defects in the right type of illumination to reduce shadowing, giving us an even better insight to the damage, which could be related to an external defect, internal stress or even a manufacturing defect that has gone undetected.

Because of the speed that these inspections can be carried out, it means O&M can carry out visual inspections more regularly as part of their preventive maintenance programme, often slashing costs vastly on repairs in the long term.

Whats more, all of our wind farm support team are GWO trained and Advanced Rescue trained, elevating the need to bring in multiple sub-contractors just to assist with UAV inspections. Our AT’s are trained to work on Senvion, Vestas, Siemens, Nordex and others

Fully Certified Organisation
Roller coaster- drone
  • Top data quality
  • Rigorous inspections yielding authoritative data
  • Comprehensive info on internal blade health
  • Results relevant to your customers
  • Centralized data management
  • Consistency
  • Process is highly repeatable for future checks
  • Advanced defect recognition
  • Better trend analysis based on accumulative data
  • Higher productivity levels
  • High level of automation
  • Ease of use
  • More blades inspected per day
  • More blades assessed per hour