Roof Survey Inspections

In the past the only option was to send someone up to visually identify any damage. Not only is this job dangerous, but it is likely that clambering around broken shingles and loose tiles will exacerbate any existing problems. You are also at the mercy of the clients schedule, as erecting scaffolding or ladders to reach a roof is often a major inconvenience, and sometimes requires planning weeks in advance as well as extensive cost.

The problems don’t stop once the workers have reached the roof, as tight angles and safety requirements make some areas un-viewable and completely off limits. This is where drone roof inspection offers a great advantage.

You will also achieve a much better view of any potential repair job than you would from a single trip by personnel equipped with a camera. Modern HD video and Thermal image technology allows you to pinpoint specific areas with far greater accuracy than ever before.

Our primary platform for this type of inspection work is the DJI Matrice 210 which can be equipped with a range of different camera payloads including the DJI Z30 Extended Zoom Camera and XT2 Thermal Camera. Equipped with dual payloads, we can capture both thermal imagery and high quality precision RGB imagery simultaneously on a single flight.

Using Thermography insulation issues can be identified, showing heat loss or cold spots. This in itself can assist with energy rating certificates,- providing far more accurate data.

Drone Inspect are also working becoming to become certified to the BE EN ISO 18436 standard. All Thermography surveys are carried out in accordance with the BS EN ISO 62446-3 standard.