DJI Matrice M210 RTK V2

This powerful drone was designed with enterprise users firmly in mind. Built on the V1 Matrice Series and purpose built for inspections and Agriculture, utilising the very latest technology the M210 RTK V2 is an industry leader. It is flexible and efficient with a flight time of up to 38 minutes and robust enough to withstand harsh conditions. (Weather rated up to IP43 and water resistant) It features Dual downward Gimbals, allowing two camera payloads to be used simultaneously, such as Zenmuse XT2 Thermal Camera and Zenmuse Z30 Zoom Inspection Camera.

It is our main platform for the SSL 3DX Custom Payload for WTG Inspections, the OSDK allows direct communication with the 3DX Software and DJI Flight Controller for autonomous flight.

Its precision RTK platform allows cm accuracy hovering and survey grade image acquisition for creating point clouds, 3D models and Orthomosaics, making this our number one choice for survey grade mapping and modelling.

DJI Matrice M300 RTK

Probably one of the most advanced enterprise drones on the market, featuring a completely new design, with up to 16km transmission distance, dual controller operation, increased wind resistance of up to 15 m/s and full OSDK options for custom payloads and gimbals

It also features a top mounting gimbal, allowing camera payloads to be fitted on top and access areas normally impossible to capture using a UAV, such as the underside of bridges. Up to three live Video streams can be viewed on the Remote controller at one time.

Its precision RTK platform allows cm accuracy hovering and survey grade image acquisition for creating point clouds, 3D models and Orthomosaics.

Flyability Elios 2

Elios 2 is the most intuitive, reliable, and precise indoor inspection drone. Keep your workforce out of harm’s way while performing flawless inspections right from the first flight using cutting edge drone data capture capabilities.

Being the predecessor of the cutting edge Elios 1, the Elios 2 takes innovation to a whole new level.

The rolling cage design has been removed and replaced with a front mounted payload head, with integrated 4K Adjustable pitch camera, Thermal Imaging camera, full optical-flow distance sensors, a new oblique lighting system, increased battery time and now allowing 2D measurements to be made post-flight using the inspector software.

Further still, internal Photogrammetry is now possible, allowing us to capture images from the hardest to reach places, never before possible and create accurate 3D models

Mavic 2 Enterprise

The Enterprise has features such as a dual spotlight that enhances your vision in low-light areas.

As this drone is aimed at rescue services, it has a speaker, which lets pilots play up to 10 custom voice recordings on demand. It can be a lifesaver during emergency operations. It has eight optic sensors and two infrared sensors and a flight time of up to 31 minutes and a maximum speed of 72 km/h.

It’s great for operations where a smaller drone is required. There is also a full enclosed cage system, allowing this drone to be used in very confined spaces and removing the risk of collision, making it ideal for indoor inspection applications.

Waygate Technologies Bike

The Bike from Waygate Technologies is a cutting edge tethered robotic crawler with a unique full HD imaging system and 3D LOC (localisation) platform, allowing a full 3D model of its surroundings to be produced in real-time.

The system is quick to deploy, making it particularly suitable for internal blade inspections on wind turbines. The end-end reporting process provides the customer with a fully comprehensive report, with defect analysis and recommendations.

All of our equipment is available to hire, subject to hirers having the appropriate insurance and valid PfCO in place within the UK.

Please contact us to find out more information and hire rates